Becki Chan's clean and minimalist perspective manifests through the use of primary forms, linear relationships and geometrical composition.


Becki Chan creates sculptural jewellery with an architectural aesthetic. Given Becki’s background in sculpture and architecture, she finds beauty and inspiration in structure and geometry. Each piece is developed out of Becki’s sculptural work and is defined by a stripped-down vocabulary of form.

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Whether you are interested in one of our designs, wish to use inherited gold, or incorporate heirloom diamonds, we can work with you to make it happen. See examples of previous commissions we have made for our clients. These commissions represent the types of rings we can create for you.
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GREY's signature collection, the Rift is architectural and highly structured. The clean minimalist lines belie the robustness and weight of the silver, as well as the fact that the rings are made using traditional hand-carved lost-wax casts, with painstaking precision.

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A collection that is inspired by the garden well, church lavabo and cemetery wash basin. These basin designs present water in such a calm and precious way, and speak to how I feel when I see beautiful cut stone. This collection allows me to feature the stone at its best.

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In the Facet collection, elementary lines and simplified shapes combine and repeat, with slight variations and irregularities. These pieces are simultaneously bold and restrained. Despite the apparent simplicity of the forms, the interplay of light with the angled surfaces creates unique and memorable images.

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Inspired by childhood obsessions. This jewellery collection is reminiscent of childhood objects, reinterpreted as sophisticated, modern and minimal designs.