Becki Chan specializes in designing and creating one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Whether you are interested in one of our designs, wish to use inherited gold, or incorporate heirloom diamonds, we can work with you to make it happen. See examples of previous commissions we have made for our clients. These commissions represent the types of rings we can create for you. For examples of our most recent work check out our instagram page @beckichan

For all inquiries and quotes about custom jewellery, please email


19k with diamond
Basin 3.3 - 19k gold with diamond.
18k gold with grey spinel
Basin 3.2 - 18k gold with grey spinel.
18k gold with garnet
Basin 3.1 - 18k gold with garnet.
14k gold with onyx.
Basin 3.1 - 14k gold with onyx.
18k gold with grey spinel.
Basin 4.2 - 18k gold with grey spinel.
14k gold with diamond
Basin 2.1 - 14k gold with diamond.
14k gold with sapphire
Basin 1.1 - 14k gold with sapphire.

18k yellow gold with emerald
Rift 2.3 - 18k gold with emerald.

14k yellow gold with emeraldRift 1.1 - 14k gold with emerald.

18k gold with tourmalineRift 2.1 - 18k gold with tourmaline.

18k gold with diamondsRift 2.1 - 18k gold with diamonds.

18k gold with sapphireRift 2.2 - 18k gold with sapphire.

Silver with tourmaline
Silver with tourmaline.
14k gold with citrine
14k gold with citrine.

18k gold with diamonds
18k gold with diamonds.

18k gold with diamonds.
18k gold with diamonds.

14k gold with sapphire and diamondsRift 1.2 - 14k gold with sapphire and diamonds.

18k gold with sapphireRift 2.4 - 18k gold with sapphire.